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Last Big Game....

Posted on: December 18, 2010 11:06 pm
Okay! Enough said!!

We now know who we are now.......

The Mediocre Washington Redskins play the Less Than Mediocre Dallas Cowboys for the second and last time this year this Sunday on national television.  We haven't asked for much this year and that's exactly what we have received.  Not much.  Actually, very little.

Although protection for the Quarterback has improved and pass defense on the line has improved, we have made very little ground in fielding a Mighty team.

I ask only this on the eve of our celebration of the birth of our Savior:  Please Beat Dallas !!  Really, PLEASE !!

It seems the only thing we are missing is greater effort from those who play and coach the game.  I won't go into the dollars and sense matters. (Yes I CAN spell and know the difference between sense and cents.  And yes scents too.  Since they can't smell a victory in overtime.  But, I digress)  Focus SloMo !!

Okay, back to topic.  Maybe if everyone in the stands, everyone on line and everyone on the telephone pleads for a victiory we will get one very important victory.  Lets practice:   Please, PuLease, PLEEZE.  Oh what ever...

Just beat the damned Dallas Cowboys and give us some kind of pleasure in exchange for our love and faith in this once again mediocre team you keep selling us!!  JUST BEAT DALLAS !!  THANK YOU, AMEN !!

Ahhhh, I feel better.  Don't you??Cool
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