Posted on: December 18, 2010 11:06 pm

Last Big Game....

Okay! Enough said!!

We now know who we are now.......

The Mediocre Washington Redskins play the Less Than Mediocre Dallas Cowboys for the second and last time this year this Sunday on national television.  We haven't asked for much this year and that's exactly what we have received.  Not much.  Actually, very little.

Although protection for the Quarterback has improved and pass defense on the line has improved, we have made very little ground in fielding a Mighty team.

I ask only this on the eve of our celebration of the birth of our Savior:  Please Beat Dallas !!  Really, PLEASE !!

It seems the only thing we are missing is greater effort from those who play and coach the game.  I won't go into the dollars and sense matters. (Yes I CAN spell and know the difference between sense and cents.  And yes scents too.  Since they can't smell a victory in overtime.  But, I digress)  Focus SloMo !!

Okay, back to topic.  Maybe if everyone in the stands, everyone on line and everyone on the telephone pleads for a victiory we will get one very important victory.  Lets practice:   Please, PuLease, PLEEZE.  Oh what ever...

Just beat the damned Dallas Cowboys and give us some kind of pleasure in exchange for our love and faith in this once again mediocre team you keep selling us!!  JUST BEAT DALLAS !!  THANK YOU, AMEN !!

Ahhhh, I feel better.  Don't you??Cool
Posted on: November 26, 2010 10:42 am

Farvre ??

I didn't do a blog last week becauase I really just didn't care.  As most of you know, being a Washington Redskins fan can be a very emotional thing.  Cry

After that ugly loss to Philidelphia Eagles I was just SICK  !!  Did I say UGLY ??  Yell

Okay, this week we go against the legendary quarterback Brett Farvre.  Back in the day I was amazed by this guy.  Now I'm just embarrassed for him.  Heck, he can't even pronounce his own last name.  
He throws more interceptions than Gus Ferotte. 

Let's catch some !!

Go MIGHTY Redskins....Beat the Vikings !!

Jus Sayin'.....Cool
Posted on: November 12, 2010 10:19 am


Let's see....Undecided

3 point under dogs at home...

Who will be the QB??

Who will be the RB??....

Which coach will we see this week??...

All that said (asked)  I believe the Mighty Redskins will pull this one out!!  We not only play our competition but we do well as discombobulated under dogs.

HTTR  Cool

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Posted on: November 7, 2010 9:20 am

Motor City Mind &%&

Well I hate to tell ya I told ya so but....

Both teams were horrible!!  Sloppy game.  The only thing I was wrong about was that whole "Squeaking out a win" thing. LOL

We get a much needed break this wek.  By we I mean me!!

'Til next week.....
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Posted on: October 31, 2010 9:39 am

Motor City Mind Game....

Well folks, this week the Redskins go to Detroit to play the Lions or Tigers or Bears (no, that was last week) OH MY !!  Cry

This should be an easy win for us but we all know what that means.  If you have followed the Redskins for long you know that they play their competition.  Many times over the years an easy win turned into a loss.  Sometimes not even a close one.  Remember the year that Dallas won only one game?  Yeah. me too.

If the ever improving defense can keep their collective minds in tha game and the ever disappoing offense can find the stadium we have a chance to come out of this murderous city alive.  If only.....Oh Yeah, Happy Halloween !!

This week I believe the Washington Redskins will look brilliant at times but overall Mediocre in a squeaker of a win over the Detroit Lions.  At least I hope they can win the Mind Game!!  Cool

So, what do you think??
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Posted on: October 24, 2010 8:42 pm

The Glass is Half Full...

The glass is half full.  Therefore, I was half right this week.

   I think they got after Cutler like I asked them to.  He had less than 300 yards passing (281), only one TD, four INT's, One FL and only seven fantasy points.  (His replacement (Kolb) on my roster got only 10, but hey that's three more!!)  Forte Who??  Not much else happened that was good for the Chicago Bears.  Again not really multi talented.

   Now, for the other half of the glass.  The Washington Redskins' offense continued to be sloppy and inconsistent.  McNabb had 81 less passing yards, the same number of TD's but two less INT's.  He also had -2 running yards which was two yards less than Cutler who didn't even try to run.  (See above)  In my opinion the key challenges to the game were met.

   As far as my homer decision to bench Cutler paid off, barely.  Therefore;

This Weeks Conclusion:  The Mighty Washington Redskins defense went Chicago Bears hunting with a cannon and the offense came in with a switch.  The final result being a 17-14 win for my favorite NFL team!!  Laughing

Just Sayin'.

Tell me what you think !!

Posted on: October 24, 2010 11:23 am

Bear Hunting with a ?

This week the Redskins are going bear hunting.  The question is their choice of weapon.  Will they go to Chicago with a switch or a cannon??

They must get after Cutler and intimidate his already rattled brain.  They must also contain Forte.  Those two things are pretty much the key to a victory in my opinion.  It shouldn't really be that difficult.  It's not like the Bears are a multi talented group.

That said, I benched Cutler on the Fantasy team I have him on.  Homer move or not?  We will just have to wait and see.

This weeks prediction:  The Mighty Washington Redskins will take the field!  Cool

Tell me what you think !!


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